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Dr. Janet Maxwell, Clinical Psychologist

MAPS, MAAPi, DPsych(Clin), BBSc(Hons)

517 Main Rd, Eltham, VIC, 3095

Dr. Janet Maxwell is a Clinical Psychologist who has completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (With Honours) degree and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is registered with the Psychological Board of Australia, and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.  Janet has worked in General Practices, Public Mental Health Services and a as Senior Psychologist to a Private Rehabilitation Hospital, and currently practices in Eltham

Janet commenced her career working across public sector mental health services and private General Practices in Melbourne. She was employed initially as a clinical psychology registrar on the “Clinical Psychology in General Practice Rooms Project”, an Australian Psychological Society (APS) and Monash University Initiative, which paved the way for recent Medicare reforms for the provision of psychological services. This work involved collaborating with GPs closely to provide better outcomes for clients, and Janet has been providing services to clients in the private practice sector for over 10 years.

Her postgraduate research involved the design and implementation of a 10 week course for carers of individuals who hear voices - Carers Upskilling in Positive Symptoms (CUPS) - aimed at assisting a carer in supporting their relative in coping. The CUPS program was subsequently utilised in a pilot study through Kings College in London.

Janet's final year Doctoral Internship was spent at St. Vincent's Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service in Melbourne. She has also worked in public mental health services in Melbourne, including the Northern Continuing Care Unit in Preston, and Darebin Community Mental Health Centre. These positions provided a strong grounding in providing psychological therapy and support to individuals suffering from acute and chronic mental health conditions.

Janet went on to a position as an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Manchester and Research Therapist with the National Health Service in England where she worked with leaders in the field of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy on a trial of a new therapy aimed at preventing suicide.

On returning to Melbourne, she recommenced work in General Practices in Melbourne, providing psychological care to clients with a wide range of conditions, and liaising closely with GPs where appropriate to ensure continuity of care. Janet held a Senior Psychologist position at Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital, developing content for a range of group programs and providing assessment and therapy to inpatients and day rehabilitation patients in this setting.

She has co-authored a book on the Prevention of Suicide in Psychosis, along with a treatment manual on Coping With Hearing Voices and has presented research findings and skills workshops at a number of national and international conferences.


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